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Tavares exterior 2

tavares's house

No one could imagine that this house, made by stone, was once inhabited by a clog maker, Mr. Valentim Tavares and his family; his wife, Purificação and their seven children!

Exactly, seven children! This house was visited by people in the village to order custom-made clogs.

Through the molds, Mr. Valentim made very distinguished shoes. Do you want to know why? These shoes were made by leather on top and wood underneath, a way to never let the feet get cold and that brought an incomparable comfort.

From the seven children, the one who inherited the house was Mr. Salomão Tavares, who has always been connected to the hotel business in the thermal baths of São Pedro do Sul. He decided to rebuild the house and make it a local accommodation. We hope you have a comfortable stay in this house as you would have wearing Mr. Tavares clogs. Enjoy your stay! 

tecedeira's house

The house that we present to you here is full of memories and experiences of a weaver well known by the population, Mrs. Maria.

A place where different people passed by bringing linen, cotton or wool and, after a while, left with beautiful bedspreads, blankets and rugs.

At Massadoiros's street, people would gather to make strips for the loom that with cotton would make the well-known rag quilts.

Nowadays, life is indeed different from what it once was, but we hope you feel the same comfort as you would do using a blanket made by linen, cotton or wool on a winter's night. Also we hope that you have a good time in Tecedeira's house, as the weaver and the people from the village had in the past.

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